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Are you a Twitch or Kick streamer?

You'll need to purchase one of the Streamers Licenses below to use our Artwork(s) on your stream.

  • Latte

    Streamers License for 1 Artwork
  • Cappuccino

    Streamers License for 3 Artworks
  • Mocha

    Streamers License for 5 Artworks
  • Frappe

    Streamers License for Unlimited Artworks

This license grants you permission to use our artwork as an overlay on your Twitch or Kick stream. You can buy 1 license per artwork or multiple at a discount. Each license is perpetual for the allocated artwork(s).

You have to purchase the license as well as the artwork separately


This license is for Twitch & Kick streamers only.

If you are using our artworks for offline personal use you don't need a license.

This license does not work for YouTubers. We do not allow YouTube channels to use our artworks.

If you would like to purchase our artworks for commercial projects outside of Twitch or Kick, please contact us here.

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