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The Jazz Hop Café is a net-based Radio Station & Record Label providing fresh beats whilst you sip on that coffee. Established in 2015 and based in the United Kingdom, The Jazz Hop Café promotes/releases Jazzy Hip Hop & Lofi music. The perfect background music for studying, working and chilling out. They have attained over 100 million streams & 600,000 subscribers across digital platforms. Gaining most recognition on YouTube, but equally active on the Spotify, Bandcamp & SoundCloud platforms.

Music Promotion

The Jazz Hop Café are mostly known for their Mixes, which release weekly across digital platforms. Here they showcase brand-new Jazz Hop & Lofi music from their roster of artists & associated acts. What makes these mixes extra special is each editions individual theme. Each mix comprises of different musical concepts, ambience, art & motion design. Resulting in individually unique experiences.

Record Label

The Jazz Hop Café also regularly release Singles, Albums & Compilations from their record label. These releases are available across most popular digital streaming platforms. They also release their Compilation Albums on limited edition 12" vinyl.

🕒 Monthly Schedule (Across Platforms)

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