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For Creators

You can use music from The Jazz Hop Café Records in your own projects & videos. We only require that you credit The Jazz Hop Café in the project/video description with a link to our digital platforms.

How to credit us on YouTube
Add to video description: Music provided by The Jazz Hop Café
How to credit us on Twitch
Add a panel to your Twitch About section, that includes this image, with the image linking to Finally, add text below image 'Music provided by The Jazz Hop Café'

How to credit us on other platforms
Add to project credits: Music provided by The Jazz Hop Café

Eligible Music
We can only grant you permission to use music from our record label releases. Here's a link to all of our eligible music on YouTube & Spotify.
You can also find & download all of our eligible music for only £20 here.

We apply Content ID to our music on YouTube but in most cases we are willing to allowlist your channel. Contact us here to request channel whitelisting.

Streamers, Vloggers & More

For Businesses

Want to use our music in your game, movie or advertisement campaign?
Licenses depend on each unique project, please contact us here
We are always looking to collaborate, so please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Commercial Use

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The Jazz Hop Café is a net-based music label & merch store. Serving freshly roasted lofi jazz beats.

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