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For Creators

You can use tracks from The Jazz Hop Café Records in your own projects & videos. We only require that you credit The Jazz Hop Café in the project description with links to any of our digital platforms.

We can only grant permission for you to use tracks from our album & compilation releases, not our mixes.

You can find & download our Full Album Discography here

Content ID is applied to most of our releases but we are willing to whitelist your videos. Set your video to unlisted and reach out at the email provided below. You do not need to worry about Content ID if your channel isn't monetised. We do not have Content ID applied to the Twitch platform.


Streamers, Vloggers & More

For Businesses


Licenses depend on each unique project

Please get in touch through the email provided below for further information

Commercial Use

Email Inquiries


Eligible Music


To Use In Your Projects




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The Jazz Hop Café is a net-based music label & merch store. Serving freshly roasted lofi jazz beats.


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