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For Creators

You can use tracks from The Jazz Hop Café Records in your own projects & videos. We only require that you credit The Jazz Hop Café in the project/video description with a link to our digital platforms.
Credit example: Music provided by The Jazz Hop Café

We can only grant permission for you to use tracks from our album & compilation releases, not our mixes.

You can find & download our Full Album Discography for only £15 here

We apply Content ID to our music but in most cases we are willing to whitelist your videos or channel. Contact us here to request channel whitelisting

Streamers, Vloggers & More

For Businesses

Licenses depend on each unique project, please contact us here

Commercial Use


Eligible Music


To Use In Your Projects




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The Jazz Hop Café is a net-based music label & merch store. Serving freshly roasted lofi jazz beats.


  ©2023 The Jazz Hop Café Ltd  

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