Record Label Usage

You can use The Jazz Hop Café Records label releases in your own videos & projects. We only require that you credit The Jazz Hop Café in the project with links to any of our digital platforms, as well as the artists involved.

Mix Usage

We cannot give permission for you to use our mixes in your creative projects, but we personally do not mind whether you use them. In general, neither do most of the artists involved. However, we cannot guarantee that they won't. Therefore you should proceed at your own risk.

Content ID

Most of our releases contain Content ID, although some releases don't.

We cannot guarantee whether Content ID will be attached to our music. However, we are willing to whitelist your videos that do contain Content ID attached by The Jazz Hop Café. All you need to do is email us at to request a whitelisting.

Promotional Use

If you wish to use our music for promotional use, you can email us at

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